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Basic Standard Premium
$50 Per Month $100 Per Month $200 Per Month
For new and emerging businesses Assisting your growing business Optimised for business growth and maximum profits
Unlimited Products Unlimited Products Unlimited Products
Unlimited Users Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
1 Register Included 1 Register Included 2 Registers Included

Add Ons

Additional Register ($25 Per Month)
Add and remove additional registers whenever you like for just $25 per month.

Additional Outlet ($50 Per Month)
Own multiple stores? Each additional store costs $50 per month and includes transfers between outlets, customer sharing, gift card sharing, individual outlet inventory management and more.

Liquor Banner Group Integrations ($50 Per Month)
Send scan data and download promotions for any banner group, includes Liquor Specialisation and Phone Support

Liquor Specialisation ($30 Per Month)
Send and receive orders and invoices from all the leading suppliers and have access to our master database of 30,000+ products. Also includes phone support.

Phone Support ($20 Per Month)
Get priority support by talking to one of our specialist support agents.

Pricing Breakdown

Basic Standard Premium
Paid Annually $50 Per Month $100 Per Month $200 Per Month
Paid Monthly $55 Per Month $110 Per Month $220 Per Month
Sell Screen for any screen size        
Held Sales         
Customer Facing Display         
Product Management         
Orders and Invoices         
Stocktake  Express Only      
Customer Management      
Account Customers      
Loyalty  Basic      
Gift Cards        
Customer Portal       
Unlimited Users         
User Tracking         
Roles & Permissions  Predefined      
Report Dashboard        
User Dashboard  Limited      
Advanced Reporting         
Non-integrated payments         
EFTPOS Integration         
Express Promotions         
Advanced Promotions         
Help Centre         
Email Support         
Phone Support         
Emergency After Hours Support         
API for Custom Development       
Coming Soon
iPad App         
iPhone App